General Information

How is PoC Project defined?

A PoC project is defined as a project which involves the following:

  1. Development of viable technological ideas/concepts but shall not cover development areas which are deemed too early-stage, for example, basic research, generation of pure scientific and technological knowledge, and the development of research ideas, hypotheses and experimental designs without application; and
  2. Validation of the commercial merit of the product/solution by seeking reference customers or external funding
How to apply?
When should companies apply?
Which companies are eligible for the Fintech Proof-of-Concept Subsidy Scheme (“PoC Scheme”)?
What is the application procedure?
When shall I start the project, If the application is successful?
What should I do after the project is started?
How will the project be monitored after commencement?
Any limit on the number of project application?
How much is the subsidy?
Any limit on the number of sponsored projects by each financial institution?
When and how will applicant be informed about the application result?
Can we use non Financial Institution (Fls) to sponsor the project?
Is there a time limit for to complete the PoC?
How will applicant company be notified of the status of the application?
How is my PoC proposal being evaluated?
When and how to receive the funding?
Is there any requirement on the Fintech PoC projects?
Can I change the project scope?
Can organization without Business Registration Certificate apply for the Scheme?
Can I submit one application to apply for multiple projects?
Can the PoC project currently benefiting from other public funding programme apply for the Scheme?
What is the Sponsoring Financial Institution (FIs) role and responsibility?
Can I start the project before application?
Can I start the project before approval?
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